Forex Demo Accounts

January 09, 2013

A Forex demo account is an amazing way to get into Forex trading with absolutely no risk. A lot of Forex trading services like binary options brokers offer demo trading accounts as a means of getting used to and learning the Forex trade without having to worry about financial losses.

From the perspective of a new investor, the demo account offers a lot of versatility and opportunity to apply what you have been reviewing and researching in your forex trading courses. That information can be applied in the Forex demo to see what strategies work and what do not.

The important thing to take away from a Forex demo account is how you as a trader need to stick to a consistent form of trading or a strategy, and that includes managing all your losses. You’d be a fool to think you’ll never have any, and this is a concept that no mentor or eBook can really bless you with. You have to learn to take the blows on your own, and a Forex demo can help you learn that side of it.

From using the Forex demo account, you can begin to develop a profitable strategy and trading plan that help you make money in the end. It’s important to learn how to trade currency with a cool head – if you start letting emotions get in the way you’ll cloud your decisions and start losing money fast. Sound decisions need to be made when it comes to trading currency (or business deals of any sort) and Forex demo accounts will help you find your zen place for trading accurately.

So where do you get a Forex demo account?

When you’re working in the Forex market, you won’t have direct access to the live Forex market as a trader. You’ll funnel your trades through a broker who will handle all the software you need to control your trades. All those trades are done online. If you’re new to Forex, your broker can offer a Forex demo account or practice account where you can get a feel for the market without risking any actual money

Why do sites and brokers offer free Forex demo accounts?

They do this because it gives the trader an opportunity to test out the Forex market. Ultimately, they’re giving you the account on the assumption that you’re going to take their software for a trial run and in the end; you’ll like what you saw enough to continue investing in them as a broker. The best part of the Forex demo account of course is that you’ll have a chance to start trading right away so you can become intimately familiar with the market using real numbers and figures.

There aren’t many practical ways to get hands on experience in the Forex market, and a Forex demo account can help you make sure that you’re ready for the real thing when you actually have money at stake.

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online casino games

February 16, 2011

Online casino games are getting to be more and more popular day by day. Millions of people from different countries, all over the world are enjoying these games in their free time. Similarly online poker rooms such as Titan poker are enjoyed. There are various reasons for this popularity.

First the Internet as a medium has managed to increase its reach in most arenas. Due to this the reach of the online casino games has followed.

Television too has played an important part in making the idea of playing online casino games into a glamorous one. People love imitating their favorite celebrities when they are shown playing online casino games in various programs.

The number of people who will go online to play casino games will even increase further in the future. This is because more and more people feel comfortable in interacting with the Internet, besides giving their personal information when they log onto any gaming website. Also the efforts taken by most websites has helped in increasing the level of security while doing any online transaction.

Most online casino games offer an amazing combination of graphics and sound. This is because there is a high level of competition between them to be the best according to online players.

The proportion of women who take part in online casino games has also increased in recent times. It is very convenient for most women now to take part in all sorts of online games without even having to step outside their doorstep. All that they require is a high speed Internet connection to go online and have fun. Another advantage of online casino games is that you may meet and interact with players from all over the world, for the online games including a social aspect such as bingo.

The jackpots provided by online casino games are sometimes very high, thus many people want to try their luck in winning such incredible amounts of cash. Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses nowadays, thus they are attracting a large number of new players all over the world. And if you are getting bored with a particular online game, there is endless variety of games, which will keep your adrenaline pumping high all the time.

If you are not interested in spending your money and want to play these online games free, most websites offer you to play these games for free. You can use such free games to improve your playing skills before you actually spend any money on the paid games.

Before you decide to play any online games, always check the rules and regulations to see that you meet with all the parameters required by the website. This will help you to avoid any disqualification later, in case you have won a jackpot.

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The value of betting

December 19, 2010

So, the basic theory of limit hold’em is ‘pound, pound, pound’. That is to say, you should keep betting your hand hoping that your hand is good, or that your opponent will fold. That is of course, unless you’ve suddenly fallen into the land of bimodal opponent distributions. When your steal raise get’s three bet out of the blinds, by a ‘sane’ opponent, it’s going to usually be a big ace or a pocket pair. You do not need a picture of the typical BB 3-bet distribution.

In one hand example, one player has AKo versus AJo and the board came 6s Jc Qc Ad 4c. So when your AK flops a Broadway QJ-gut shot, you are pretty freaking hosed. His distribution isn’t really bimodal (yet), you are just plain beat. Your ‘back is up against the wall.’ AK beats a lot of aces, until the flop comes QJ-high. Now, the only ace he might have which you can beat is AT, and possibly some suited aces. Of course, 1/4 of the suited aces are gonna jam back at you.

I have been transformed from the Fantastic Four Bettor, back into the wimpy computer geek that is my secret identity. The turned ace is some help. Now your opponents distribution is bimodal. He’s either got you crushed with a better ace (or maybe tied with AK), or he’s just begging for free cards with a hand like 88. You are so accommodating.

Of course, you are going to call his river bet and lose. But compare how little you lost to someone who might blindly pound in this spot. Two over cards plus a Broadway gut shot is a quite attractive hand, and very pound worthy most of the time.

My favorite part of this hand is the little irony that check raise failed in his attempt to check-raise. Buy hand histories if you like to study poker hands and learn more about your opponents by studying their moves and learning their tricks.

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Nick Schulman, youngest WPT winner

May 14, 2010

Five years have already passed since Nick’s WPT victory, and he is still the youngest winner of a WPT event.

There are certain rites of passage commonly associated with turning 21. A lot of them involve waking up hung over somewhere unfamiliar with more questions than brain cells. Born and bred Manhattanite Nick Schulman hasn’t necessarily been there, but that’s not the only reason his entrance into legal adulthood strays from the norm. As far as we can tell, very few 21-year-olds mark the occasion by going out and winning the World Poker Tour’s 2005 World Poker Final at Foxwoods. In fact, no 21-year-old has ever done anything like that, which is why the native New Yorker has become the youngest WPT champ in history.

“It’s not really what I planned for. I’m not complaining, it just seems so strange,” said Schulman, when he became $2.1 million richer with the victory. “I just like the game. You can’t force yourself to get good at poker. You can’t want to live the lifestyle and play without loving the game.”

While it might not necessarily have groomed him to become a World Poker Tour champion, the underground poker clubs and pool halls of New York definitely had a hand in shaping Schulman as a player and a person. Starting out in area pool halls at 15, young Schulman managed to make friends shooting stick with characters nicknamed “Snake” when most of his peers were playing tag at recess. “I just went for fun and fell in love with the game. By the time I was 15 or 16, I was really competing,” says Schulman. “For whatever reason, I’m just wired to gamble. With the transition to poker, I just never really had a choice.”.

By 18, Schulman and his friends had graduated to New York’s poker clubs. As clubs were closed down by the New York Police Department, his crew was constantly forced to find other venues for that next game. “Some of them were a little seedy, but for the most part they were just poker rooms,” says Schulman, who cut his teeth tapping the felt across from an interesting mix of New York rounders and degenerate gamblers. “I guess it’s a rougher crowd in the clubs. Management didn’t really take as good care of their players and the money wasn’t well protected. But for the most part most of the clubs I played at were cool.”

Nick grew up frequenting New York poker clubs with his friends, but things changed when he turned 21; Schulman was free to enter himself in tournaments and finally challenge the big boys on a considerably larger stage. He kept playing cash games, but always figured there was more money to be made in tournaments.

He had no idea where they would take him, especially after busting out early in his first tournament at the Borgata. A $2.1 million payday seemed pretty far away by the time he descended on Foxwoods two weeks before the World Poker Finals. Enjoying the action at the tables, he still wasn’t convinced that entering a tournament was the right move. The debacle at the Borgata certainly didn’t help to squash those fears. But a satellite tournament victory won him an entry in the $10,000 buy-in tournament. That’s where things got interesting.

“I was just looking to have fun with it. I was obviously going to try to play my best and things started going really well,” says Schulman. “After two days, I realized I might have a shot, so I started to take it seriously.”

After amassing a serious stack early on, Schulman only needed four hands to dispense of tournament runner-up Tony Lincastro. On the final hand, Schulman was dealt 6-9 of spades and turned a flush. With that, history was made.

Crowned the WPT’s youngest champion ever, Schulman returned to a hero’s welcome in New York. Local television and newspapers jumped on the story of the $2-million poker product barely old enough to drink. But Schulman knows that his place as the WPT’s youngest champ could be tenuous. At the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, a WPT event held in the Bahamas in January, the winner was 22-year-old Canadian Steve-Paul Ambrose, who beat a final table that included two 18-year-olds.

So after five years, Nick is still a poker pro and he has added a WSOP bracelet to his list of winnings. His total live tournaments winnings are about $3,800,000.

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Why Aggressive Play is Better Than Passive Play

March 16, 2014

Aggressive actions in poker (betting and raising) are better than passive actions (checking and calling). That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of specific situations where checking or calling is better than betting or raising. But if you had to limit your game to only aggressive actions or passive actions, you would lose a lot less money by always betting and raising.

There is a very basic fundamental reason for this. Aggressive action gives you two ways to win the pot, having the best hand or your opponent folding. Winning a hand with passive action requires having the best hand at showdown.

Simple concepts like this are the building blocks to a strong poker game. Sure it’s very simple, but how come there are so many players who almost always prefer to just call to see what the next card is, instead of raising as a semi-bluff?

Also be as fit as possible if you want to make a career in online poker. There are very few fat successful players, but if you look at the top players you will notice they are mostly slim. Take some garcinia cambogia if you need to shed some weight so you can compete with the best.

If you are interested in playing heads up poker (one vs one) online, you should know that there are special customs associated with heads up play. I don’t agree with some of them, but that’s just the way things are. Reading this could prevent a chat box war with another player.

• Have your chat on
• Say “hello, gl” (good luck)
• If a player you do not wish to play sits down and you auto-posted, play the button and the big blind before saying “no ty” and quitting
• Learn the rules for the site you are playing at about how many empty tables you may sit at. Default to sitting at one table per limit.
• Don’t block the tables of other players
• If a player disconnects in the middle of the hand, you can be an upstanding player and use your time bank to let them have a chance to reconnect. I would do this by default, but once the favor is not given/returned I’d just steal the pot. Ultimately, there is a personal responsibility for connection quality.
• The rule of thumb is that if you are losing you can leave whenever you like. If you are winning, the polite thing to do is to give 15+ minute warning before you have to leave. Quitting immediately after winning a large pot is seen as poor form.
• Say “gg” (good game) at the end of matches
Have fun!

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Your poker emotions

March 08, 2012

Here is an interesting quiz to see if you know how to control your emotions at the poker table.

Question #1: You’ve had a number of big wins in a row. As a result, you have almost doubled the money in your online poker account. Do you:

A) Leave the money in there because you want to build up your bankroll.

B) Cash out some of the money and buy something nice, but leave the bulk of the money in your account.

C) Cash out all of the money, bring it home, spread the cash all over your bed and roll around naked in it.

D) Think to yourself, “I’m the greatest poker player alive,” move up to the higher-limit games, and immediately lose it all back.

Question #2: You are playing no-limit. On the turn, you have top pair with a great kicker and only one opponent, an aggressive player who has been beating you out of big pots all night. The river card pairs the board and also makes a flush possible. He goes all-in ahead of you. His stack is bigger than yours so you will bust out if you call and lose. Do you:

A) Think about the pot odds and compare them to the odds of your opponent having a better hand. Review the play of the hand in your mind, taking into account his style of play, then make your decision based on careful consideration of all the information.

B) Call because you cannot stand the thought that he might get away with bluffing you out of a big pot.

C) Call because you desperately want to beat him.

D) Fold, hurling your cards disgustedly into the muck. Whine to everyone how your luck is so horrible and you just can’t win a single hand, then pointedly ask your opponent if he has a horseshoe lodged in any part of his anatomy.

Question #3: A similar scenario, but reversed. You are the one going all-in on the river and you are bluffing. You have nothing. Your opponent – the aggressive one who has been beating you all night – folds and you take the pot. Do you:

A) Quietly muck your cards, not wanting to give your opponent any information.

B) Show him your cards for advertising purposes because you want him to be more likely to call you when you do have a good hand.

C) Show him your cards because you want to see the look on his face.

D) Triumphantly throw your cards face up in front of him, pump your fists in the air and exclaim: “Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! I finally got you, you bleepity-bleep bleeper!”

If you answered “A” to all three questions, great job. For “B”, not bad. For “C”, you have to work on your emotions. Regarding “D”, you need to join a zen meditation club or something like that.

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US online poker

October 17, 2011

In a recent development, online poker room Carbon Poker announced that they are once again taking new US based online poker players.

This is certainly a surprising move as many online poker rooms, online casinos and sports betting operators have been leaving the US market since April 2011 when the DOJ and FBI started to indict some gambling operators and closed some of their online activity by seizing their domains. Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, UB Poker, Doyles’ Room, GoCasino, Absolute Poker and more have stopped their games in America.

Some of the operators that left did so because they were required to, but many others did so as a precaution as it seemed that the online gambling climate was getting less friendly in the USA. Countering the trend, Carbon Poker is the only online gaming company that we know of that is coming back.

This could turn out to be a very smart move as the current landscape is almost empty of offers with a huge demand from millions of American players who like to have some fun playing casino games online. Carbon Poker is expected to see a considerable increase in traffic and to regain the number one spot of US online poker.

What is the risk for Carbon and their players? This is the question you should ask yourself if you are planning on signing up and making a deposit. Remember that the players at full tilt, absolute poker and UB poker have still not regained their bankroll after they were closed. Regarding UB Poker and Absolute Poker which both are part of the Cereus Network, such bankrolls are not expected to ever been seen again as these companies are practically bankrupt with insufficient funding left to help. Concerning Full Tilt there is more hope as this was a bigger brand and they are trying to work on a deal to sell the company.

With respect to Carbon Poker, it seems that this is a well run company. They have no history of having problems with withdrawal, and given that they were not indicted last April, they could be clean with respect to breaking the UIGEA, the law the other operators are accused of breaking. Also the DOJ may not have the focus to investigate them as they already have a lot on their plate with their recent unpopular actions against the main operators.

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Picking the Best Casinos for Mobile Phones in 2011

June 19, 2011

Avid casino enthusiasts among you will know that a lot of online gambling operators are now supporting games for mobile phones. The mobile phone section of most casino websites is new, but I think a lot of players will be surprised at the range of mobile games, promos and dedication given to this market.

The growth of the mobile gaming market has been greatest over the last two years. The launch of immensely successful smart phones with advanced processor technology and graphics displays have made them complement the growing casino industry. The availability of “apps” on the Internet which can be downloaded to your mobile within seconds is another great advantage. With one-click download from the Apple App Store you can now download dozens of the best mobile casino games within seconds.

All of the best mobile casinos offer unique mobile casino promos, games and loyalty rewards to players. First time deposit bonuses such as Bet365 Mobile’s 150% up to £150 bonus or Jackpot City Mobile’s 100% up to £200 bonus are massive incentives for new players. The problem with most regular online casino players and junkies is that they are so hooked into the idea of sitting at your computer whilst playing games. Most internet casinos offers an abundance of games – far more than a mobile operator or client could offer, which is another set back for getting players to download the mobile client.

All Slots Mobile Casino for example is one of the biggest casinos in the world. Their outstanding Microgaming powered casino boasts more than 400 games in total (including 300+ classic 3-reel and 5-line video slots games with jackpots worth in excess of £1 million).

In comparison to Internet casinos, mobile casinos really fall short in game offerings. Most mobile casinos such as 32Red Mobile and mFortune (one of the upcoming UK mobile casinos) only offer barely a dozen games. While this still incorporates entertaining slots games such as Tomb Raider and Megah Moolah (the biggest progressive slots jackpot in the world), the lack of games still probably puts off a lot of people. After all, how long can you go exactly playing only the basic casino table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, video slots and jacks or better before you get bored?

What a lot of people are missing though is that newer casino games are constantly being developed for 5th generation phones such as the iPhone and Android. Playtech’s mobile division has already announced plans to expand into the Italian mobile gaming market.

The growing number of mobile operators (and competition) plus the expansion and development of better mobile technology will undoubtedly keep the new market of gaming booming. Las Vegas gaming commission and committees in Congress have in fact already passed bills allowing hotels to provide mobile gambling apps to their patrons in the hotel bedrooms and around the hotel venues. Whether you like it or not, this is the direction that we’re heading into.

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More Casinos Interested In Protecting Player’s Interests

April 30, 2011

eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation Assurance) and gaming charity GamCare have done well in developing and publicizing an International Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct for regulating online casinos and Internet betting sites. The legislation was first shown at the European Interactive Gaming Expo, and after that it was greatly supported by two more of the online gambling industry’s powerful groups – the Interactive Gaming Council and the European Gaming and Betting Association.

eCOGRA and GamCare together, by the means of the press, made public the main points on the regulation, as well as the need for universal regulation in a global online gaming industry which is developing all the time. This is great news for the online gambler, because the aim is to protect players and to promote responsible gambling practices by online casino operators. So if you are looking for good Internet slots bonuses or just for a free online poker game, these organizations are working for your interest and security.

Andrew Poole, who is the Managing Director of GamCare, said that he hopes that a global code will help the people involved in gambling make wiser decisions when it comes to choosing their online casino operator. What is more, gamblers will feel more confident knowing the operators act in the interest of players and carry out responsible, safe and fair practices. It can definitely be said that such fair operators are eCOGRA and GamCare.

With great experience in assessing and introducing online technologies, eCOGRA, GamCare, the Remote Gaming Association and other groups all agree that they start promoting a regulatory code which should work globally. The leading European gambling governments such as the UK, Malta, Isle of Man and Gibraltar are discussing the idea at the moment, and we’ll soon know more about the International Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct.

The recent trend has been for each country to work independently on its own gambling regulations, but it is in the interest of the consumer, like in any market, to also have global rules.

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Las Vegas strip name changes

October 04, 2010

Some of the big names on the Las Vegas strip are heavily considering a name change or an image change in order to help their organizations.

The Las Vegas Sands Inc. who owns the Venetian Resort on the Las Vegas strip and many other locations around the world is thinking about changing their corporation’s name. The corporation wants to cut out the “Las Vegas” out of their name and add something more promising that shows their reach like “International”. If the change occurs the corporation will go from being named The Las Vegas Sands Inc. to being named “Sands Resort International” or just “Sands International”.

The CEO of Las Vegas Sands Inc. feels the change will show the world that the corporation isn’t just limited to one city, Las Vegas. The crippling economy in America has hit Las Vegas hard and removing the city name from a corporations name might save it from being associated with an economically struggling city. With three locations in Macau and a new multibillion-dollar resort opening up in Singapore, the Sands really does have a global reach so a new name could better represent who and what their corporation is.

The Las Vegas Sands Inc. is not the only corporation contemplating a change in name. Along with a possible name change the owners of the Plaza Hotel, which is located in downtown Las Vegas, are implementing a one-year renovation project. With other big names like the Golden Nugget conducting renovations and the economy being as bad as it is these days, there has to be some hard work to stay up to date and keep an organization competitive. The Plaza Hotel is considering changing their name to something like “Union Plaza”. Being that the Plaza Hotel is a big part of the Freemont St. Experience, some parts of the Hotel will stay open while the renovations occur.

The ailing economy led the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to bankruptcy several years ago and now Carl Icahn the main financier for the Tropicana companies got them out of Chapter 11. Currently there is a battle for the all out rights ownership of the “Tropicana” name between the two sections of the Tropicana. The operator of Tropicana Las Vegas and Carl Ichan, whose companies control Tropicana Atlantic City, are battling over rights to the Tropicana trademark. Tropicana Las Vegas Inc. claims they have the rights to the Tropicana trademark according to a Nevada court ruling, however this has not stopped Carl Ichan from suing in order to gain the rights to the Tropicana trademark.

Some organizations are trying to change or lose their names and others are fighting for their names. Either way with a bad economy and fierce competition these change debates might be what is best to help these organizations survive.

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Playing it lazy

August 14, 2010

The last decade or so changed the way we gamblers do our thing. New technology made us so lazy and as much as we enjoy the colors, the lights, the sounds of money coming down those slot machines at real casinos, we get satisfaction from playing casino games online.

The internet changed the world and also changed how we gamers play our games. If it is blackjack or poker we all know and love, and we can’t get a game organized at a friend’s house, we turn on the computer and play away.

The love for the real thing is still in mind but sometimes we don’t feel like getting up from the couch and laptop. Especially if we live in a State or country where gambling isn’t legal, we can’t always take the long drive, or expensive flight and hotel. We save on the gas and expenses and play with what we got online. The privacy, safety, and comfort sometimes beat the real thing.

In addition, almost all virtual casino website that respects itself offers free software where one can play other players for free, no cash needed. This would be a good idea for beginner players and now we won’t make the same mistakes our ancestors did by going to a casino when not really knowing how to play the game.

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